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Perseverance Armrests

Perseverance Armrests

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Perseverance Armrests are now in stock!

Looking to take full advantage of our Perseverance Adventure Bars? Our Perseverance Arm Rests are designed specifically for our adventure bar ecosystem:

  • A tiny yet sturdy clamp interface keeps handlebar footprint at a bare minimum leaving more room for hand positions and mounting/lashing real estate.
  • Clamps fit both 22.2mm and 23.8mm diameter handlebars so you only need one kit for both Perseverance Flat and Dropbars. Arm Rest kit can quickly be removed from one bar and moved to another; identical front loops between our flat and dropbars means few adjustments are needed when swapping between use on a multitude of bikes.
  • Premium CNC alloy clamps and polycarbonate cups sport boundless adjustment configurations to dial in that ideal fit.
  • Minimalistic design keeps things sleek and lightweight.
  • Individual armrest kit pieces are not left or right-side specific. If you need replacement parts or new pads, we sell them individually so you only need to buy what you need.

Our Perseverance Armrests - like the rest of our Perseverance Adventure Ecosystem - are built by bikepackers for bikepackers. These rests have undergone thousands of pre-production test miles in the Alaskan Backcountry and many design tweaks along the way. You can 'rest' assured, these are a cut above the 'rest'.

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